Playlist "Death # Disco", 19.08.11, King Kong Klub

slow pulse boy

holiday fun club- holding my breath

veil veil vanish- modern lust

catpeople- party people

clair obscure- toundra

surplus stock- take it

the faint- posed to death

trans-active nightzone- eyes are burning

zwischenfall- flucht

u2- the unforgeteble fire



trisomie 21- breaking down

death in june- come before christ and murder love

colin newman- alone

rome- the orchads

cult of youth- new west

led er est- lonesome xoxo

solid space- a darkness in my soul

contrepoison- heartbeat

tones on tail- shakes

future islands- vireo's eyes

former ghosts- new orleans

trust- candy walls

the sisters of mercy- rain from heaven/lucretia my reflection (live)

felt drawings- in my room

monozid- let's shake hands and wonder


ian p. christ

blacklist- ghost ritual

ikon- love is colder than death

rosetta stone - sense of purpose

red lorry yellow lorry- temptation

the horrors- still life

sonic youth- mote

the jesus and mary chain- darklands




slow pulse boy

dream affair- silent story

the chameleons- the fan and the bellows

b-movie- marylin dreams

the soft moon- dead love

joy division- walked in line

o. children- malo

circuit 7- video boys

guerre froide- demain berlin

ministry- i'm falling

tones on tail- go!

grauzone- wütendes glas

eslplendor geometrico- moscu esta helado

daf- alle gegen alle (r)

new model army- white coats

björk vs. the cure- a hidden forest

the sisters of mercy- body electric

skywave- over and over

ceremony- for her smile

devo- whip it (r)

billy idol- dancing with myself (r)



vibrators- whips and furs

ulterior- sex car sex war sex

detachments - holiday roamance

orchestral manouvres in the dark- the new stone age (live)

crisis- holocaust

cult of youth- lace up your boots

death in june- fields

fliehende stürme- blauer mond

john maus- maniacthe

capricorns- new sound

the smiths- there is a light that never goes out

a place to bury strangers- ego death (allen blickle of baroness remix)

the merry thoughts - dreamland


slow pulse boy

joy division- warsaw

bauhaus- hair of the dog

frustration- relax

abwärts- beim ersten mal tuts immer weh

das bierbeben- dunkle tage

a blaze colour- a means to an end

class action- blast off


ian p. christ

soft cell- chips on my shoulde

romd- bunker soldiers

little nemo- new flood

the lucy show- resistance

marquee moon- beyond the palenecrophil

shock therapy- pain

pink turns blue- missing you

fields of the nephilim- trees come down (live)

red lorry yellow lorry- talking about the weather

trisomie 21- the last song

light asylum- dark allies

uv pop- seroius


ian p. christ

automelodi- bundarie jazz

indochine- l'aventurier

sad lovers and giants- clint

the smiths- sweet and tender holigan

the chameleons- in shreds


slow pulse boy

die vision- after the sunset

the wake- give up

virgin prunes- baby turns blue (r)

spizzenergi- soldier soldier

deathly quiet- armageddon ready

charles de goal- decadence

neon- dark age

oto- anyway


ian p. christ

martin dupont- just because

martial canterel - windscreen

sixth june- never leave me

ulterior- the emptiness we share


slow pulse boy

swans- mother/father

the deep eynde- suicide

schmaalhans weltraum- montange du boef

solid space- 10th planet

fever ray- keep the streets empty for me

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