playlist dark entries, 1.11.2104, römer bremen

Ministry – Every day is halloween
Ash Code – Empty room
Bauhaus – Dark entries
Interpol – All the rage back home
INVSN – Down in the shadows
Future Islands – A dream of you and me
Darkness Falls – The void
Vive La Fete – Claude francois
The Faint – Southern belles in london sing
Ascetic: – Religion
Fields Of The Nephilim – For her light
Faith & The Muse – Scars flown proud
Christ vs. Warhol – Cross of lorraine
Sex Gang Children – Guy wonder
Leitmotiv – Attendre encore
Die Perlen – Augen der Großstadt
New Days Delay – Jugendbewegungslosigkeit
Jimi Tenor – Take me baby
The Psychic Force – Underpass (John Foxx Cover)
Herzinfarkt – Wir trauen uns was
Andreas Dorau – Tulpen und Narzissen
Die Lustigen Kürbisse – Müde Bananas
Clan Of Xymox – A day
Escape With Romeo – Somebody
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Arabien knights
Sisters Of Mercy – More
Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
Depeche Mode – Shake the disease
Front 242 – Headhunter
DAF – Mussolini
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas
The Normal – Warm leatherette
VNV Nation – Control
Eisenfunk – Pong
Ascii Disco – Straßen
Lebanon Hanover – Totally tot
Austra – Beat and the pulse
The Cure – Hanging garden
Joy Division – Transmission
Placebo – Song to say goodbye
The Organ – Brother
Wolfsheim – Künstliche Welten
Welle:Erdball – Deine Augen
Covenant – We stand alone
And One – Metalhammer
Light Asylum – Dark allies
No More – Suicide commando
Deine Lakaien – Dark star
Silke Bischoff – Under your skin*
Joy Division – Atmosphere
Depeche Mode – Never let me down again
OMD – Electricity
The Cure – Love cats
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Goldfrapp – Fly me away*
Editors – Papillion
Covenant – Dead Stars*
She Past Away – Kasvetli Ktlama
Sisters Of Mercy – Alice
The Ramones – I wanna live
Gang of Four – Damaged goods
The Smiths – Some girls are bigger than others
Nichts – Tango 2000
Gary Numan – are friends electric
The Human League – being boiled
New Order – Blue monday
Phillip Boa – And then she kissed her
New Model Army – 51st state
Violent Femmes – Blister in the sun
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart
The Cure – Boys don’t cry
Visage – Fade to grey
Mesh – You didn’t want me*
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der lüge*
Big Black – Kerosene*
Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name of
Billy Idol – Dancing with myself
Pat Benater – Love is a battlefield*
B-Movie – Nowhere girl*
Pixies – Where is my mind*
Smashing Pumpkins – disarm
Kate Bush – Running up that hill
Soft Cell – Tainted Love*
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at night
Desire – Under your spell
Ms Mr – Hurricane
Daughter – youth
TV – Theme – A-Team

playlist trümmertango dresden, 4.10.14

von und mit San Decay, Lord of Midnight (Lordi) und Slow Pulse Boy im Escape, Dresden

Slow Pulse Box
Messer – Neonlicht
Trümmer – Wo ist die Euphorie
Privacy//Police – Drive
Schonwald – Lower Lovers
XTR Human – Dysfunction
Ascetic: – Religion
The Fall – The Man Whose Head Expanded

San Decay
Leningrad Sandwich – Africa
A Blaze Color – the new ones
Claire Obscure – toundra
Kabinette Caligari – olor a carne quemad
Gestalt – Deuxieme Ombre

Ultravox – All stood still
Veil Veil Vanish – Anthem for a doomed youth
Joy Disaster – Lobotomy

Slow Pulse Boy
Detatchments – Holiday Romance
INVSN – Down in the shadows
Automeldodie – Buanderie Jazz
Frank (Just Frank) – The Closet Song
The Wake – On Our Honeymoon

San Decay
Bats in the Belfry – thoughts
100 Names – inside
Die Erde – Party
Sub Muris – Honesty
Moloko+ – Heatweave

Opera de Nui – Amoir Noir
Rubella Ballet – Plastic Life
Blacklist – Blue Shifted
The Wars – Succubus
Dorcel – Dead End

Slow Pulse Boy
The Chameleons – The Fand and the bellows
Ash Code – Empty Room
Sisters Of Mercy – Body Electric
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Walking on your hands
Bauhaus – Dark Entries

San Decay
The Woken Trees – yells
Agent Side Grinder – Die to live
The KVB – I only see the light
OLMS – Share the same madness
Lebanon Hanover – gallowdance

Joy Division – Disorder
Crisis – Holocaust
Killing Joke – Wardance
B Movie – Remembrance Day
Big Electric Cat – Paris Skys

Slow Pulse Boy
The Deep Eynde – Suicide
Blitzkid – Pretty in a casket
Abwärts – Computerstaat
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas
New Days Delay – Bombe

San Decay
Müllstation – tanz auf der badewanne
Krankhet der Jugend – zerfall ist menschlisch
Normahl – Trümmertango
Product of Reason – active repetition
Fuzzbox – rules and regulations

The Addicts – Steamroller
Götterdämmerung – The Prow
Sex Beat – Sex Beat
Peter Murphy – I Spit Roses
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides

Slow Pulse Boy
The Cure – Killing an arab
Joy Division – Transmission
Body Electric – Dash 1721
Soma Sema – artificial heart
Future Islands – spirit

San Decay
A Flock of Seagull – Modern love is automatic
The Chameleons – Don´t fall
Chrome – In a dream
X-mal Deutschland – Mondlicht
Skeletal Family – She cries alone
Das Bierbeben – Dunkle Tage
Die Unbekannten – Radio War
Deutsche Schäferhunde – rosa Brille

Grauzone – Träume mit mir
Malaria – Kaltes klares Wasser
Siouxsie and The Banshees – Dazzle
Lene Lovich – Birdsong
Tuxedomoon – No Tears

Slow Pulse Boy
Ideal – Erschießen
Blondie – Hanging on the telephone
Cure vs. Björk – a hidden forest
Fliehende Stürme – Satellit
Circuit 7 – Video Boys

San Decay
Guerre Froide – shadowplay
-Y- – viento aris
Nic Hammersly – Alone
Velvet Condom – never ever
Pale TV – Night Toy
Hector – Get some rest
Belweather Syndicate – Nightwatch

Hysterica Passio – Grey over life
Das Kabinette – the cabinete

Slow Pulse Boy
Lacrimosa – Alles Lüge (ja, genau! Lacrimosa! Aber ich sage nicht, wer sich das gewünscht hat :-P)
Nichts – Tango 2000

Die Art – Endlos
Nichts – Ein deutsches Lied
Monophone Struktur – Schwarz Weiß
Light Asylum – Dark Allies

San Decay
Sonnenbrand – der lustige konsument
Divinding Lines – House of sugar
Sleeping Desires – A voice
Bettina Köster – Crime don´t pay (stupid)
Zeppo – Komm doch

Slow Pulse Boy
Crawling Chaos – Sex Machine
Rainbirds – Blueprint
The Organ – Memorize the city

Martha & the Muffins – Echo Beach
Edith Nylon – Edith Nylon ces´t Moi

San Decay
Dead Or Alive – I’m falling

Red Zebra – I can’t live in a living room

Slow Pulse Boy
Editors – Papillion
Joy Division – insight
XTC – making planes for nigel

San Decay
Monozid – In shades
Bernie Bandicoot – Daggett

Slow Pulse Boy
Materia – Lila Wolken
Fraggles Theme


playlist pandora’s box, 6.9.2014, römer bremen

hier die playlist, die kollege frank eric und ich zusammengezaubert haben. wir haben uns so alle 3-4 lieder abgewechselt. daher war es zu mühsam und zu kleinkariert jeden wechsel festzuhalten. uns hats viel spaß gemacht!

Herzinfarkt – wir trauen uns was
Phosphor – Keuka Dream
Ascetic: – Religion
Bauhaus – Dark Entries
Dream Disciples – Pray
And Also The Trees – Slow Pulse Boy
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Don’t think about it
Siouxie and the Banshees – Arabian Knights
Creaming Jesus – Lillies
Fields Of The Nephilim – For her light
New Days Delay – Bombe
Massendefect – Papierflugzeug
Welle:Erdball – 23
Grauzone – Träume mit mir
Snowy Red – Never alive
John Foxx – Underpass
Jimi Tenor – Take me Baby
Jemen Jemovit – Meine Tabletten
Deine Lakaien – Fighting the green
Frontline Assembly – Threshold
Nitzer Ebb – Let your body learn
Karen Finley – Tales Of Taboo
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf
Sisters Of Mercy – Alice
Joy Division – Isolation
The Cure – Just like heaven
Die Krupps – Fatherland (Eldritch-Mix)
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller
VNV Nation – Control
Spetsnaz – Apathy
Ascii Disco – Strassen
Torul – Mad World
Editors – Papillon
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Diva Destruction – The Broken Ones
Nichts – Tango 2000
Placebo – Every you every me
Depeche Mode – Never let me down
Covenant – We stand Alone
Blutengel – Seelenschmerz
Trisomie 21 – The last song
She Past Away – Rituel
the eternal afflict – san diego
Welle Erdball – Deine Augen
Sisters of Mercy – Dominion
The Cure – The Hanging Garden
Deine Lakaien – Love me to the end
Anne Clark – Our darkeness
New Order – True Faith
And One – Military Fashion Show
Marilyn Manson – The beautiful People
Combichrist – this shit will fuck you up
Haus Arafna – für immer
Second Decy – I hate berlin
The Cure – Lovesong
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Wolfsheim – Sparrows and the Nightingales
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Christine
Joy Division – Shadowplay
Gary Numan – Are friends electric
DAF – Als wärs das letzte Mal
Human League – being boiled
VNV Nation – Off Screen
Depeche Mode – Photographic
The Smiths – How soon is now
The Body Electric – Dash 1721
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas
Ideal – Erschießen
Placebo – Bitter Ends
The Killers – Mr Brightside
Nine Inch Nails – Closer
Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Großstadtgeflüster – Ich muss gar nix
Falco – Der Kommissar
Deine Lakaien – Into my arms (Club Mix)
Silke Bischof – Under your Skin
Phillip Boa – and then she kissed her
DIIV – Doused
Editors – Blood
Joy Division – She’s lost control
Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love
Die Form – Bite of God
Vive la Fete – Noir Desire
Austra – Beat and the pulse
She Wants Revenge – Tear you apart
The Chameleons – Second skin
Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl
Therapy – Screamager
Ramones – pet sematary
Pixies – Where is my mind?
Billy Bragg – A new england

konzertbericht lebanon hanover, 3. mai 2014, radebeuel

und hier kommt nun noch ein kurzer Bericht zum Konzert vom lebanon hanover, welches ich im Mai 2014 in radebeuel bei dresden besuchen durfte.

nachdem ich die beiden musiker von lebanon hanover mal kennenlernen durfte, alle ihre platte habe, habe ich sie nun das erste mal live sehen können. und dann auch noch im beschaulichen radebeul. irgendwas zwischen 200 und 300 personen haben sich aus nah und fern versammelt um das konzert zu sehen. und so kam es dann, dass man mit leuten aus bremen, leipzig und münchen nach dem konzert auf dem parkplatz zusammensaß.

das konzert an sich war solide. keine große überraschung aber auch keine enttäuschung. hier die Fotos:

black days glowing nachbereitung

vom 31.7 bis 2.8. fand das 7. und letzte black days glowing festival statt. der donnerstag war etwas punkiger als die anderen tage und mit einem club in hamburg-harburg für viele hanseaten auch leider außerhalb der eigenen reichweite. ich habe dem publikum etwas beschallung zwischen den bands und hinterher geboten.

am freitag und samstag fand das festival dann in der markthalle statt. die konzerte wurden im marx präsentiert und die aftershowparty fand im Foyer statt.

hier sind die fotos der drei tage und der bands
die gruftschlampen
lowentsahn howlunder
the sweeps
ghosts of dawn
3hs from sundown
cheshire cat
lotus feed
new days delay

playlist “keine schönheit ohne gefahr 12″, 26.7.14, lüneburg

KFC – Ohne Grund

Slow Pulse Boy
Trümmer – Wo ist die Euphorie
Messer – Die kapieren nicht
Privacy//Policy – Drive
The National – Don’t swallow The Cap
Black Marble – The Pretender
Experimental Products – feeling left out

Sisters Of Mercy – Valentine
Soviet Soviet – Human Nature
She Past Away – Belirdi Gece (Musallat)
Keluar – Surface
Joy Division – Digital
Die Nerven – Der letzte Tanzende

Slow Pulse Boy
Frustration – Midlife Crisis
New Days Delay – Vermutlich Hysterisch
Normahl – Trümmertango
The Chameleons – the fan and the bellows
B-Movie – marilyn dreams
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Nine Circles – First Miss Love
Linea Aspera – Eviction
Velvet Condom – Poison & Maquillage
Komplikations – Poverty
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung

Slow Pulse Boy
Grauzone – Kälte Kriecht
Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
Alien Skull Paint – Fly with me
Die Unbekannten – Radio War
The Cure – Jumping Someone Else’s Train
Exedra – Death disco
Sisters Of Mercy – Walk away

Joy Division – Disorder
Fehlfarben – Grauschleier
Abwärts – Computerstaat
New Model Army – The Hunt
Die Nerven – Nie wieder Scheitern
The Fall – The man whoes head expanded

Slow Pulse Boy
Pixies – WHere is my mind*
The Soiund – Escape myself
Fad Gadget – Collapsing new people
The Normal – TV OD
Esplendor Geometrico – Moscu esta helado
Haus Arafana – Heart Beats blood flows
Polyphonic Size – logione Polygonale
New Dimension – Stuttgart schwarz
Phosphor – one night in rome*

Soap&Skin – Me And The Devil
DSX – Shifted (feat. Zoe Zanias)
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Sisters Of Mercy – A Rock And A Hard Place
She Past Away – Kasveti Kutlama
Joy Division – Shadowplay
Nichts – Tango 2000
Der KFC – Wie lange noch

Slow Pulse Boy
Fliehende Stürme – Blauer Mond
EA80 – Matatu*
Christian Death – Romeos Distress
Cinema Strange – Greensward grey*
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk
John Foxx – Underpass
Invincible Spirit – Contact*
Psyche – Misery*

Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis*
Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Komplikations – Apathy
Ideal – Erschiessen

Slow Pulse Boy
DAF – alle gegen alle
Stratis – herzlos
Welle:Erdball – Monoton + Minimal*
The Cure – Grinding halt
Gang Of four – Damaged Goods
Exploding Boy – 40 Days
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities in dust
Visage – Der Amboss*

Scripted Reality
Sisters of mercy – Temple of Love*
Shock Therapy – If everyone Knew
Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the Line
Noblesse Oblige – Jalouse
November Növelet – Dancing Queen
Deine Lakaien – Overpaid
Helium Vola – Selig *

Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning Shot
Herz Jühning – Anorexia
Einstürzende Neubauten – Hirnlego
Human League – Being Boiled
No More – Suicide Commando *
Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot

Slow Pulse Boy
Camilla Motor – Rosa video*
Lotus Feed – Second skin
Grauzone – Eisbär*
Malaria – Kaltes klares Wasser
Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift
Depeche Mode – Ice machine
Lene Lovich – Birdsong*

Scripted Reality
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night

RiccoRaw feat Schiwecko vs G.A.S. Hausband – Bullenwagen klaun und die Innenstadt demolieren
The Hellfreaks – Don’t Feed The Models

Scripted Reality
Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus

Einstürzende Neubauten – Keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr

playlist “5 Jahre unknown pleasures”, 12.7.14

King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe – Bed on Fire
Indians in Moscow – Singing the french
Claps – Across the floor
Iko – Model Type A
Frustation – Blackmail Dying City Remix

Extrabreit – der Führer schenkt den Klonen eine Stadt
Tuxedomoon – what use
Brian Eno – Babies on fire
Pale Saints – Porpois
Papercutz – Disintegration (The Cure-Cover)

Slow Pulse Boy
Rome – The torture Detachtment
Chelsea Wolfe – Feral love
The Devil & the Universe – Parvati’s Lament
Klangstabil – math & emotion
Crystal Castles – Affection

Cold Cave – A little death to laugh
IAMX – Nightlife
Haujobb – Dead market
Tanz ohne Musik – Between your body shapes
Sell System – Ceremony

New Order – truth
Joy Division – colony
Simple Minds – i travel
No More – suicide commando
Siouxsie & the Banshees – red light

Slow Pulse Boy
For Against – Amen Yves
Massendefect – Papierflugzeug
Andre Szigethy – Liebe banal
Ascii Disco – Strassen
The Arch – Ribdancer

She past away – Asimilasyon
Carlos Peron – Dirty song
Eisenfunk – Pong*
Straftanz – Tanz was Dich kaputt macht
Ash Nag – Moata amen

Cirian Harte – love is a stranger
??? – step in time
Fisherspooner – emerge
Depeche Mode – master and servant
The Sound – i can’t escape myself

Slow Pulse Boy
Joy Division – she’s lost control
Cauda Pavonis – Love like broken glass
Christian Death – Romeos distress
The Body Electric – dash 1721
Clan Of Cymox – Back Door*

Chameleons – Second skin*
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Nun – Evoke the sleep
A blaze color – A means to an end
Portishead – Machinegun

Joy Division – transmission
Interpol – evil
Front 242 – headhunter
Death In Junge – the calling
Trentemoller – moan

Slow Pulse Boy
Austra – Lose It
Blouse – Time travel
Laibach – Tanz mit Laibach*
Haus Arafna – Heart beat blood flows
Invincible Spirit – push*

Fad Gadget – Back to nature
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü gung*
Pain Station – Domination V3
Fever ray – Keep the street are empty
Poeme Electronique – The echoes fade

Jimi Tenor – take me baby
Sisters of Mercy – dominion mother russia
VNV Nation – chrome
Agent Side Grinder – wolf hour
Kirlian Camera – eclipse
Boytronic – lunar square

Slow Pulse Boy
Electronic Circus – Direct lines*
Trisomie 21 – the last song*
Joy Division – a means to an end
The Cure – hanging garden
Princess Chelsea – The cigarette duet*
Rome – hate us and see if we mind*

Exedra – Death disco
She past away – Rituel
Death in Vegas – Hands around
Acid Pauli – I see the darkness
IF – Space invaders smoking

Grossstadtgeflüster – ich muss gar nix (brich de luv remix)
Abwärts – computerstaat
Ramones – pet sementary (RIP, Ramones!)
Morrisey – irish blood english heart
Fields of the Nephilim – psychonaut

Slow Pulse Boy
Muse – Plug In Baby*
Placebot – the Bitter End
The Lost Rivers – Stay*

Principe Valiente – The son i´ll never be
Charles de goal – Exposition
Paradox Sequenz – Digitale Astronauten

Cristal Castles – crime wave
Modern Eon – childs play
Cosmetics honey honey

Slow Pulse Boy
Hundreds – our past
Nine Circles – what’s there left*

The Rorschach Garden – Stay in line
Spectra Paris – Mad world

Slow Pule Boy
TV Theme Captain Future

* -> Wunsch

playlist “tainted love” 21.6.2014, römer

Hier ist die Playlist des gestriges abends. Es war mir ein großes Vergnügen mit euch!

A-HA – The Sun always shines on tv
Buggles – On TV
White Lies – Big TV
Nada Surf – If you leave (OMD Cover)
The National – Pretty in pink (Psychedelic Furs Cover)
Teeel – Space age love song (A Flock Of Seagulls Cover)
Alphaville – Leben ohne ende
Robert Görl – Wind in hair
Markus – Schöne neue Welt
Depeche Mode – Pipline
Black – Everything coming up roses
Secret Service – Falsh in the night
Latin Quarter – Modern times
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
New Order – Everythings gone green
Freezepop – Only you (Yazoo Cover)
Azar Swan – Cruel Summer (Bananrama Cover)
A Flock Of Seagulls – I ran
Duran Duran – Girls on film
Siouxsie and the Banshees – This wheels on fire
New Model Army – No rest
Ideal – Erschießen
Sisters Of Mercy – Alice**
Pink Turns Blue – Michelle
The Cure – Grinding halt**
Bauhaus – The passion of lovers
Depeche Mode – Black celebration**
Anne Clark – Our Darkness
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at night
Yazoo – don’t go
Bronski Beat – Smalltown boy
Alphaville – Big in Japan
No More – Suicide Commando
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart
Wipers – Window Shop for love**
Billy Idol – Dancing with myself
Blondie – Hanging on a telephone
A-HA – Take on me
Madonna – like a prayer
Iggy Pop – the passenger
The Clash – london calling
New Model Army – 51st state
Mando Diao – Black saturday
Kim Wilde – Kids in america
Depeche Mode – never let me down again**
Camouflage – The great commandment
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax**
Type O Negative – black no 1**
The B-52s – Planet claire
Nichts – Tango 2000
Ina Deter Band – neue Männer braucht das Land
Cindy Lauper – Girls just want to have fun
Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
Madness – our house
PIL – This is not a love song
Peter Schilling – Major Tom
Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen
Men At Work – Down under**
New Order – blue monday
Grauzone – wütendes Glas**
DAF – verschwende deine Jugend
Fehlfarben – Gottseidank nicht England
The Cure – Killing an arab*
Joy Division – Disorder*
Men Without Hats – Safety dance**
Dead Or Alive – You spin me round
Boytronic – You
Profil – Berühren**
Billy Idol – White wedding**
Sisters of Mercy – Marian
Bauhaus – Ziggy stardust*
Phillip Boa – And then she kissed her*
The Smiths – Ask
Roxette – How do you do*
Depeche Mode – Photographic (Some Bizarre Mix)**
OMD – Electricity
The Cure – In between days**
Gary Numan – Are friends electric
Michael Jacksons – Bad*
Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the line**
Second Layer – Court of war**
Human League – Being boiled
Real Life – Send me an angel
Rainbirds – Blueprint
The Police – So lonely
Madness – One step beyond
The Specials – A message to you rudy
Visage – Fade to grey**
Das Kabinette – the cabinet
Camilla Motor – Rosa video
Solid Space – 10th planet**
The Chameleons – Second skin**
The Mission – Like a hurricane*
David Bowie – Suffragette city
Gang Of Four – Damaged goods
Birthday Party – Release the bats**
Phillip Boa – Love on sale**
Body Electric – Dash 1721**
Velvet Condom – Samt und stein**
Lebanon Hanover – Your fork moves
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
Joachim Witt – Tri tra trullala
Franz Beckenbauer – gute Freunde kann niemand trennen

* -> EIn Song von der Band wurde gewünscht
** -> Genau dieser Song der Band wurde gewünscht

playlist “salon noir – the interzone-edition – ” feat. dj dave, 14.6.2014

Slow Pulse Boy
Joy Division – Interzone
Dial M For Murder – oh no
Die Art – Das Schiff
Messer – Neonlicht
Die Caprifischer – wir flieh’n für einen Tag

O. Children – ruins
She Wants Revenge – What I Want
Eagulls – Tough Luck
The Fall – Blindness
Carter USM – After The Watershed
Long Blondes – Once And Never Again

Slow Pulse Boy
Lush – Hypocrite
The Primitives – I’ll stick with you
Pale Saints – Time Thief
Selebrities – Living Dead
The Cult – She sells Sanctuary

Fields Of The Nephilim – Chord Of Souls
Holograms – Monolith
A Place To Bury Strangers – Worship
Soft Moon – Insides
Velvet Condom – Never Ever
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Slow Pulse Boy
Linea Aspera – Lamanai
Hundresds – Our Past
XTR Human – Millers Love
The Exploding Boy – Always
Depeche Mode – The Meaning of love
Alien Skull Paint – Fly with me
The Cure – The Walk
Super Heroines – Children of the light (w)

Tom Vek – Sherman
Die Goldenen Zitronen – Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas
Joy Division – Walked In Line
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
The Organ – Brother
Pink Turns Blue – I Coldly Stare Out (w)
Soft Cell – Bedsitter

Slow Pulse Boy
Trisomie 21 – the last song
B-Movie – nowhere girl
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Monomen – Drum of glass (w)
Mando Diao – Black Saturday
The Cure – Play for today (w)
Tuxedomoon – No Tears (w)
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag nag nag

Suicide – Ghost Rider
Gary Numan – Cars
Q Lazzarus – Good Bye Horses
Human League – Being Boiled
Dave Ball – In Strict Tempo
Sex Beat – Sex beat
Gun Club – Sex Beat
Killing Joke – Love like blood
Neon Judgement – TV Treated

Slow Pulse Boy
Lebanon Hanover – Totally tot (w)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talking about the weather (w)
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Melt (w)
Diva Destruction – The broken Ones
She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama
Northern Lite – My Pain (w)

Smiths – Stop me if you think….
Editors – Munich
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge (w)
Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie
Skinny Puppy – Assimilate
The Creatures – Exterminating Angel

Slow Pulse Boy
Silke Bischoff – Under your skin (w)
Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
The Cramps – Human Fly
The B-52s – Planet Claire
The Clash – London Calling
Joy Division – Disorder
Das Bierbeben – Dunkle Tage (w)
Grauzone – Schlachtet

UV Pop – Serious
The Sound – I Can´t Escape Myself
Ciaran Harte – Love Is Strange
Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
New Order – Blue Monday

Slow Pulse Boy
Haus Arafna – Heart beats blood flows
Suicide Commando – see you in hell (w)
Sisters Of Mercy – Temple of Love /w)
Woodkid – Rund boy run (w)
Virgin Prunes – Baby turns blue
Nick Cave – The Mercy seat

Portishead – Machine Gun (w)

Slow Pulse Boy
College – A real hero

Snowy Red – Madman

Slow Pulse Boy
Billy Bragg – A New England
Sesamstraße – Mah na mah na

(w) = Wunsch

playlist “23. wave gotik treffen @ pamanoke”, leipzig

Slow Pulse Boy
Red Temple Spirits – Lost in Dreaming
Big Electric Cat – Orchid dreaming
Fear Condition – Dreaming of tunnels
System 5G – You only dreaming
Sixth June – Whats there left
Snowy Red – Euroshima
Polyphonic Size – Nagasaki mon amour
Jeff and Jane Hudson – los alamos
Human League – Circus of Death
Simple Minds – someone somewhere in summertime
Asylum Party – someone else
Fear Cult – Drop dead
Love & Rockets – Mirror people
Flesh for Lulu – I go grazy
Dali’s Car – His box
Twilight Ritual – I never called you a dream
Click Click – She can
Dada – Age of confusion
Neon – Dark age
A Flock Of Seagulls – Messengages


Marc + Slow Pulse Boy
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Desire
Clan Of Xymox – stranger
Siouxsie & The Banshees – cities in dust
Frank The Baptist – singing off
X-Mal Deutschland – Polarlicht
Cauda Pavonis – love like broken glass
Ghost Dance – Last Train
Zero Zero – glasherz
FSK – was kostet die welt*


The KVB – Hands
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead & Burried
Nicole Sabouné – Unseen Footage From A Forthcoming Funeral
Contre Jour – Paris 2052
1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.
Hysterica Passio – Grey Over Life
Divider – Cold Eyes
X-Mal Deutschland – Qual (12“ Mix)
The Wake – English Rain

Data Bank A – Radioactivity
Magazine – Shot by Both Sides
The Horatii – Darrel & Alicia
The Sound – Sense of Purpose
Comsat Angels – Missing in Action
The Bellwether Syndicate – The Night Watch
Screaming Marionettes – Like Christabel
Asmodi Bizarr – Spin the Wheel
Low Factor – I’ll Turn Ego


Slow Pulse Boy
Oto – anyway*
Body Electric – dash 1721*
Joy Division – Warsaw
Deep Eynde – Suicide
United Balls – Pogo in Togo*
Ideal – Erschießen
The Cure – Jumping some else’s train
Bauhaus – Lagartija nick
Frustration – Dying city
She Past Away – Ruh

The Soft Moon – Breathe the Fire

Schonwald – Mercurial
Lebanon Hanover – Sadness is Rebellion
Vierance – Athen Cries
Sixth June – Never leave me
The Devil & The Universe – The Pilgrim Regress
Tones On Tail – Performance
Joy Division – Disorder
Low Sunday Ghost Machine – So far away

Gary Numan – Me! I Disconnect from You (live)
Clair Obscur – Froh
Cold in Berlin – Destruction
The Dresden Dolls – Girl Anachronism
X-mal Deutschland – Augen-Blick (req)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Beating My Head
Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
DIIV – Doused
The Chameleons – The Fan and the Bellows
Dog Detachment – Secrets


Slow Pulse Boy
DAF – Der Räuber und der Prinz
Keluar – Ennoa
Kirlian Camera – Blue room*
Sisters of Mery – Alice
Sexbeat – Sexbeat
Tones On Tail – go!
II. Invasion – Graue Katzen*
Billy Idol – Dancing with myself*
Ramones – Pet sematary
Eleven Pond – Watching trees

The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines
Posterboy Machine – La Danse
All Gone Dead – Newspeak
Circuit 7 – Video Boys
Class Action – Blast Off
November Növelet – Magic
Alive She Died – The First Night
Cinema 90 – In Ultra Violet
Attiki – Victoria

Circuit 7 – Video Boys
Charles de Goal – Insight
The Sound – Total Recall (live) (req)
Ancien Régime – No Lights in the Elevator
Skeletal Family – Ritual
Götterdämmerung – Good Things
All Gone Dead – Vivid Still Beating (req)
Red Zebra – Agent Orange
Joy Division – A Means to an End
Tanit – Can an Actor Bleed?
Low Factor – Frozen

Slow Pulse Boy
IKO – digital delight
Solitude FX – promides we made*
Schmaalhans Weltraum – montagne du boef

Acid Pauli feat. J.Cash – I see a dark(er)ness
Tropic Of Cancer – More Alone
Schonwald – Sacred Hearts
Deathrowradio – Big Wow

Slow Pulse Boy
The Soft Moon – dead love
Spizzenergie – Soldier Soldier
The Normal – t.v. o.d.
Burlesque – collusion of sex

Second Layer – Courts Or Wars
The Cure – One Hundred Years
Minuit Machine – Ego

Slow Pulse Boy
Desire – under your spell
Fever Ray – keep the streets empty for me
Die Unbekannten – Radio war

Peter Murphy – Cuts you up
Slowdive – When the sun hits

Slow Pulse Boy
Silicon Teens – sunflight
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Sex Dream – Tundra

Slow Pulse Boy
Vomito Negro – feel the heat
TV Theme Addams Family