playlist “dark entries”, 17.10.15 – die letzte Ausgabe

Slow Pulse Boy
And Also the Trees – Slow Pulse Boy
Wire – So And Slow It Grows
Kraftwerk – Das Modell
Aeon Sable – Dancefloor Satellite
Voices Of Masada – Another Day
Clan Of Xymox – Stumble And Fall
Silke Bischoff – Sometimes
23rd Underpass – Real Life (Start Living, Living Again)
Absolute Body Control – Is There An Exit
Alien Skull Paint – Nobody Dies Twice
Apoptygma Berzerk – Shine On
VNV Nation – epicentre
MDS51 – Warm Leatherette
Chvrches – Lies
i-f – space invaders are smoking grass
Vitalic – Suicide Commando
Led Er Est – Port Isabel
New Order – Ceremony
The Cure – Jumping Someone Else’s Train
Bauhaus – Dark Entries
Pink Turns Blue – Missing You (Strobelight Edit)
DAF – Als War’s Das Letze Mal
Depeche Mode – Master And Servant*
Fischerspooner Emerge

IAMX – No maker made me
Agent Side Grinder – Mag 7
Chameleons – Second skin
Resistance – Across the ocean
Tempers – Strange Harvest
Light Asylum – Skull fuct
Ash Code – I can´t escape myself
Klangstabil – You may start

Slow Pulse Boy
Rotersand – Merging Oceans
And One – Technoman (live)
The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy
Haus Arafna – Für Immer
Spetsnaz – Apathy
Welle Erdball – Starfighter F-1046

Tardis (herself)
Boytronic – Luna Square
No More – Turnaround
Ash Code – Empty Room
A Place To Bury Strangers – You Are The One
Twisted Nerve – When I´m Alone
Siouxsie & The Banshees- Israel
Depeche Mode – Get The Balance Right!
Die Krupps (ft. Nitzer Ebb) – Machineries Of Joy
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
Stereolab – French Disco
The Gun Club – Sex Beat
Battery Operated Orchestra – Tin Can Telephone

Slow Pulse Boy
She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
Tuxedomoon – No Tears*
Fields Of The Nephilim – For Her Light*
Joy Division – Transmission*
Placebo – Song To Say Goodbye

Alex Brave
Lene Lovich – Brid Song
Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht
Ministry – Same old madness (1982)
Gesaffelstein – Persuit
Covenant – Brave new world
VNV Nation – Tomorrow never comes
The Creatures – Exterminating Angel
Torul – Mad World (Rob Dust Remix)
Großstadtgeflüster – Haufenweise Scheiße
Nouvelle Vague – Bela Lugosi’s dead
Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the line

Slow Pulse Boy
KiEw – Feierabend In Kiew (Club Mix)
Suicide Commando – See You in Hell
Eisenfunk – Pong
New Days Delay – Bombe
DIIV – Doused
The Smiths – Ask
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
Lene Lovich – Lucky Number
Blondie – One Way Or Another
The Cure – A Night Like This
Psyche – Goodbye Horses
Fehlfarben – Paul Ist Tot (Edit)
College – A Real Hero ft. Electric Youth
Indiana Jones Theme


playlist “unknown pleasures”, 12.9.16, mensa academia

zum warm-up gab es noch ein paar sets vom Kollegen Desaster area! vielen dank dafür!

The Cure – Carnage Visors
Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers
Public Image Ltd. – The Order of death
Kristal Ann – Fright

Becky Becks – the harder stuff
Beyond the Implode – 11th hour breakdown
Noir Desir – L’appartement

Slow Pulse Boy
Rome – Der Brandtaucher
Herz Jühning – Can’t be
//Zoo – Softcore

Moth – Frozen Tears
Project:Komakino – Syndrome
Light Asylum – Skull Fuct

MIT – Rauch
Paar – Pure
Battery Operated Orchestra – Tin Can Telephone…

Slow Pulse Boy
Vive La Fete – Nuit Blanche
This Cold Night – Vessel
Camilla Motor – Rosa Video

Fraktus – Affe sucht Liebe
Baard – Saviour of the Nation
Hørd – RLFX

Slow Pulse Boy
Front 242 – Body to body
Spartak – Fuck the army
Tommi Stumpff – Lobotomie

Berkwerk – No lies but fairytales
Deutsche Kaiser – Halli galli
Doric – The Maze

Moral – Lady Happyness*
Agent Side Grinder – Mag7
Buzz Kull – Dreams
SPK – A heart that breaks…

Slow Pulse Boy
Lebanon Hannover – Gallowdance
The Cure – Hanging garden
Ash Code – I Can’t escape myself
IAMX – you stick it in me

Keluar – Ennoea 2
I-F – Space Invaders are smoking grass
Haus Arafna – Last Dreams of Jesus
MDS51 – Machine Mortelle

Slow Pulse Boy
The Prodigy – the day is my enemy
The Faint – Evil voices
New Days Delay – Bombe
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas

Force Dimension – Fiebertanz
Fliehende Stürme – Maschinentrauma
She Past Away – Rituel
Sex Gang Children – Guy Wonder

Slow Pulse Boy
Joy Division – she’s lost control
Depeche Mode – striped*
Austria – Beat and the pulse
Skinny Puppy – Solvent*

Spetnaz – Apathy
Tilt – Merciless
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü Gung
Haujobb – Input Error

Slow Pulse Boy
Digital Leather – modern castles*
Division Kent – Tango 2000
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Arabien knights*
The Smiths – There’s a light that never goes out
Alien Sex Fiend – E.s.t.

Guerre Froide – Shadowplay
Brian Eno – Babies on Fire
Chameleons – Second Skin
Björk vs. The Cure – Hidden Forest
Clair Obscur – Mon Ami Mon Frere

Slow Pulse Boy
New Dimension – Stuttgart schwarz*
Agent Side Grinder – Into The Wild
The Body Electric – Dash 1721
Ministry – Same old madness*
The Normal – Warm leatherette*

Lebanon Hanover – Totally tot*
Noi Kabat – Make Room
Gitane Demone – Tales of Innonecence*
Creatures – Exterminating Angel*

Slow Pulse Boy
Der Fluch – Werwolf*
Die Ärzte – Schrei nach liebe
DAF – Kebabträume
Jimi Tenor – Take me baby

Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
Acid Paul – I see the darkness
Dilemma – French electro classic
No More – Turnaround
Gold Zebra – Dark Musique

Slow Pulse Boy
Men Without Hats – Security
The Wake – Judas
The Knife – Pass this on
Ms Mr – Hurricane

Novelle Vage – I can`t escape myself

* -> Wunsch

playlist “dark entries” 1.8.15, römer

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness
New Days Delay – Jugendbewegungslosigkeit
Twin Shadow – Five Seconds
The Present Moment – General Relief
King Dude – Lay Down in Bedlam
Dan Mangan & Blacksmith – Mouthpiece
A-HA – Scoundrel Days
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
Azar Swan – Cruel Summer (Bananarama Cover)
The Killers – Mr Brightside
I LIKE TRAINS – Beacons (Live at Dresden)
The Rival Bid – New York
The Chameleons – Endlessly Falling
Siouxsie & The Banshees – This Wheel’s On Fire
The Cult – Spirit Walker
Bauhaus – The Passion Of Lovers
Frustration – It’s gonna be the same
Depeche Mode – John The Revelator
:Wumpscut: – wreath of barbs
TILT – Merciless
Skinny Puppy – Glass Houses**
VNV Nation – Legion
Kirlian Camera – Eclipse I
The Cure – A Forest
John Foxx – Underpass
Agent Side Grinder – Into The Wild
She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart*
IAMX – You Stick It in Me
She Past Away – Rituel
Trust – Bulbform
Ascii Disko – Strassen
Rotersand – Merging Oceans
Covenant – call the ships to port
New Days Delay – Bombe
Großstadtgeflüster – Haufenweise Scheiße
Ideal – Erschiessen
DAF – Der Mussolini
Welle:Erdball – Starfighter F-1046
Depeche Mode – Puppets
Fischerspooner – Emerge
VNV Nation – Chrome
Spetsnaz – Apathy
Combichrist – Without Emotions
Haus Arafna – Heart Beats Blood Flows
Die Form – a bite of god
The Creatures – Exterminating Angel**
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
The Exploding Boy – heart of glass*
Shiny Toy Guns – le disko*
Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away
Placebo – Meds
Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Prodigy – breath*
Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
Eisenfunk – Pong
And One – Deutschmaschine**
Deine Lakaien – Fighting the Green
Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis
Kraftwerk – Das Modell
O.K. – Okay!
Welle: Erdball – Arbeit Adelt!*
DIIV – Doused
NO MORE – Turnaround
Editors – The Racing Rats
Placebo – Special K*
The Cure – Fire in Cairo*
The Smiths – Ask
Wipers – Window Shop For Love**
The B-52’s – Planet Claire*
Depeche Mode – Barrel Of A Gun**
Nitzer Ebb – Lightning Man**
The Sisters of Mercy – Marian**
Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning Shot
The Human League – Being Boiled
Visage – Fade To Grey
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities in Dust
The Organ – Brother
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart**
Lene Lovich – Lucky Number
Fields Of The Nephilim – Moonchild*
Danzig – Mother**
Marilyn Manson – Heart-Shaped Glasses
TV Theme Addams Family

* – Ein Song dieser Band wurde gewünscht
** – Der Song dieser Band wurde gewünscht


playlist “unknown pleasures vs. horror highschool” @ WGT 2015

Lebanon Hanover – Mafioso No. 1
Motorama – Anchor
Ash Code – I can’t escape myself (The Sound Cover)
Sista mannen på jordan – Pratar (Discoteque Mix)

The Exploding Boy – Torn
The Foreign Resort – Dead End road
Pink Turns Blue – After all
Human Disease – Nativity 33

Slow Pulse Boy:
The Deep Eynde – Suicide
New Days Delay – Bombe
Kap Bambino – Batcaves
Soma Sema – Artificial Heart

She past away – Kasvetli Kutlama
Light Assylum – Dark Allies
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
The Plasmareds – Getanzte Lebenszeit

Guerre Froide – Demain Berlin
Charles de Goal – Decadence
Death in Vegas – Hands around my throat
Red Zebra – I can’t live in a living room

Indochine – L’aventurier
The Sisterhood – Giving ground
Fad Gadget – For whom the bell tolls
Tribantura – Lack of Sense

Slow Pulse Boy:
Alien Sex Fiend – E.S.T.
X-Mal Deutschland – Mondlicht
The Cure vs. Björk – A hidden forest
The Sound – Skeletons

Martin Dupont – Inside out
The Cosmetics – Soft skin
Linea Aspera – Synapse
Kiss the anus of a black cat – The shadows are you

Agent Side Grinder – Into the wild
Les Visiteurs Du Soir – Je T’écris D’un Pays
Ciaran Harte – Love Is Strange
Sad Lovers and Giants – Things we never did

A Flock of Seagulls – Remembering David
Austra -Lose it
Kirlian Camera – Heldenplatz (7″)
Dernière Volonté – Le poison

Slow Pulse Boy:
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk
Christian Death – Face
Nicole Sabouné – Unseen Footage From A Forthcoming Funeral
DIIV – Doused

Joy Division – Dead Souls
The Sisters of Mercy – Dominion/Mother Russia
Normahl – Trümmertango
Abwärts – Computerstaat

Exedra – Death Disco 2.0
A blaze Colour – A means to an end
Portishead – Machine gun
Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me

The Bolshoi – Lindy’s party
The Chameleons – High as you can go
Fliehende Stürme – Blauer Mond
The Fit – Telephon (Blondie Cover)

Slow Pulse Boy:
Ben Bloodygrave – Ich schau in dein Gesicht
Fuzzbox – Love is the slug
Tones on Tail – Go!
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Walking on your hands

Ghost Dance – Last Train
Little Nemo – New Flood
Lebanon Hanover – _
Fliehende Stürme – Satellit

Gemeine Gesteine – War Party
Agent Side Grinder – For the young
Sally Dige – Immaculate Deception

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Fireworks
The Essence – Endless Lakes
X-Mal Deutschland – Polarlicht

Slow Pulse Boy:
College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero
Marteria – Lila Wolken
Joy Division – Insight

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playlist “unknown pleasures”, 9.5.15 @ mensa academia

Genevieve Pasquier – Lines
Distel – Puur
Haus Arafna – Lonely Lover
Baasch – Corridors
Mecanique Rythmique – Extase
Inkubus Sukkubus – Forest Hill

Slow Pulse Boy
Faith & The Muse – Scars Flown Proud
Solemn Novena – Juliette
Die Selektion – Meine Gedanken
El Aviador Dro – Ella perdio el control (Joy Division Cover)

Erstes Wiener Heimorgelorchester – Das Modell
Klangstabil – Push Yourself
Adan and Ilse – Cerchez le garcon
Zwarta Poezie – De laatste lagen
Ministry – Same old madness

Slow Pulse Boy
Hante – Beyond the waves
Chromatics – Ceremony – (New Order Cover)
Swans – Love will tear us apart
King Dude – Lay down in bedlam
Cult Of Youth – Lace up your boots

Bauhaus – Spirit
Aimless Device – Hyena
Hante – Beyond the waves
Absolute Body Control – Give me your hands
Avon Rim – Ferienzeit

Slow Pulse Boy
November Növelet – Magic
Minuit Machine – Sabotage
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Joy Division – A means to an end
Motorama – Anchor

O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer
Trisomie 21 – Last Song
VNV Nation – Control
Prodigy – The day is my enemy
A blaze color – A means to an end

Slow Pulse Boy
The Body Electric – Dash 1721
Nazis From Mars – Pussy caty cat
New Days Delay – Bombe
Frustration – Too many questions
Agent Side Grinder – Into the wild*

clan of Xymox – Louise
Sanctum – Shine*
Joy Division – Chance
Anton Shild – Venus in furs
Fahrenheit 451 – Tempest Romanesque

Slow Pulse Boy
Interpol – Leif Erikson
New Order – Ceremony
The Cure – Grinding halt
Cabaret Voltaite – Nag Nag Nag
Ben Bloodygrave – ich schau in dein Gesicht

Ladytron – True Mathematics
Ortrotasce – Worls unrelated
Creatures – Exterminating angel
Mental Measuretech . Turtle recall III
Rome – Wir Götter der Stadt
B-Movie – Nowhere girl

Slow Pulse Boy
Joy Division – Transmission
White Lies – To lose my life
The National – Don’t swallow the cap
She Wants Revenge – Tear you apart
Austra – Beat and the pulse
Der Fluch – Werwolf*

No More – Suicide Commando*
Die Form – BIte of god*
Kirlian Camera – Eclypse
Wolfsheim – Heroin, she said
Agent Side Grinder – For the young

Slow Pulse Boy
Eurythmics – Sweet dreams*
David Bowie – Ashes to ashes
Joy Division – Dead souls
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Christine
Skywave – Over and over

The Sound – I can´t escape myself
Wipers – Alien Boy
Pailhead – I will refuse
Abwärts – Computerstaat
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung

Slow Pulse Boy
Phillip Boa – And the she kissed her*
Silke Bischoff – Sometimes
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart*
The Smiths – There is a light that never goes out
The Cure – Lullaby

Muhammar – Touch el arab
Femme Fantasm – Ghost Dance
Venus in furs – In my velvet care

Slow Pulse Boy
Marita Schreck – Full Metal Jacket*
Seen Links – Schlösser Rechts – Die Nacht
John Cooper Clarke – Evidently Chicken Town (Live)

* – Wünsche


playlist “dark entries”, 2.5.2015, römer bremen

Alex Brave
Bauhaus – Dark Entries
Lene Lovich – Angels
Vive la Fête – La Verite
Ascii Disco – Immer
Kas Product – Never come back

Slow Pulse Boy
The Postal Service – Such great heights
Future Islands – A dream of you and me
The Organ – Memorize the city
White Lies – Farewell to the fairground
The Wombats – Lets dance to joy division

Alex Brave
In This Moment – Call me
Zoundz – Can’t cheat Karma
Editors – An End has a Start
X-Mal Deutschland – Mondlicht
Tubeway Army – Are Friends Electric
Depeche Mode – Photographic
Wolfsheim – Can Manage

Slow Pulse Boy
Lars Falk – See my friends fall
Second Decay – A kind of dream**
OMD – Electricity
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
Joy Division – Shadowplay*
Sonic Jesus – Drift 22

Alex Brave
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Lene Lovich – Birdsong
Trisomie 21 – The Last Song
Anne Clark – Heaven**
Ladytron – Destroy everything you touch

Slow Pulse Boy
Covenant – Call the ships to port
Project Pitchfork – Time Killer
Welle:Erdball – Starfighter
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas
DAF – als wärs das letzte mal
Diva Destruction – the broken ones**

Alex Brave
Killing Joke – Love like Blood
The B52’s – Rock Lobster
Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the line**
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Lunar Camel
VNV Nation – Genisis (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)**

Slow Pulse Boy
Neuroticfish – close
Nitzer Ebb – getting closer
Gesaffelstein – pursuit
This Morn Ominia – one eyed man
Suicide Commando – see you in hell
John Foxx – Underpass

Alex Brave
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence (Reinterprated)*
Editors – Pappillon
The Cult – She smells sanctuary
The Smiths – Panic*
The Creatures – Extermaniting Angel´
Die Form – Bite of god

Slow Pulse Boy
Ascii Disco – Strassen
Ministry – Same old madness
The Cure – jumping some else’s train*
Violent Femmes – blister in the sun
Siouxsie & The Banshees – the passenger
The Sisters Of Mercy – Alice

Alex Brave
Joy Division – She’s lost Control*
Nichts – Tango 2000
The Invinceble Spirit – Push
Benni Benassy – Sweet Dreams
Torul – Mad World (Rob Dust Remix)

Slow Pulse Boy
Crüxshadows – marilyn, my bitterness**
SPOCK – never trust a klingon**
Deine Lakaien – over and done
Skinny Puppy – solvent*
Prodigy – breath*

Alex Brave
Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, hey Girl
Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift
Großstadtgeflüster – Ich muss gar nichts
I Am X – Kiss and Swollow*
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Red light
Linea Aspera – Fer-De-Lance

Slow Pulse Boy
Kraftwerk – Das Modell
Malaria – Kaltes klares Wasser
Hans-A-Plast – Monstertanz
New Days Delay – tiny monsters and furry little creatures
The Cramps – Human fly

Alex Brave
Portishead – We carry on
The Kills – No wow
Placebo – Meds
Schnipo Schranke – Pisse
Madness – Nightboat to Cairo

Slow Pulse Boy
Anajo – Jungs weinen nicht
Fliehende Stürme – kleines herz**

Alex Brave
Die Goldenen Zitronen – Die Entstehung der Nacht
Semisonic – Closing time

* – Ein Song dieser Band wurde gewünscht
** – Dieser Song wurde gewünscht


playlist unknown pleasures @ return of the living dead (marx-floor)/markthalle, hamburg, 11.04.2015 feat. A.I. & mr. k

Mr K
Kraftwerk – Trans Europa Express
FFFC – Methadone addiction
Lebanon Hanover – Hollow Sky

Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love
Violence Conjugale – Violence Conjugale
Les Visiteurs Du Soir – Je T`ecris D`un Pays
Mecano – Robbespierres Re-Marx

Slow Pulse Boy
Baard – Savior of the Nation
Inertia – The Screen
Invisible Limits – Shadows
The Danse Society – Heaven is waiting

Mr K
Asmodaeus – Radiation Dance
Ritual Howls – Turkish Leather
John Maus – Quantum Leap
Xymox – The Stranger

Derriere Le Miroir – Heaven
Tones on Tail – Performance
Black Light Ascension – Ocean
The Woken Trees – Orders

Slow Pulse Boy
Swans – Mother Father
Skywave – Over and Over
Legion – Hereafter
The Church – Reptile

Mr K
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Let’s talk about the weather
Einstürzende Neubauten – Die Befindlichkeit des Landes
Front 242 – Don’t Crash
Liebknecht – wild in blue

Dive – Isolation
Carlos Peron – Dirty Song
The KVB – I only see the lights
Nina Believe – cora crise

Slow Pulse Boy
Ash Code – i can’t escape myself (The Sound Cover)
Schwefel – Metropolis
The Wake – Give Up
Claire Obscur – Toundra

Mr K
Love is colder than death – wild world
Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
Human League – Seconds
Bauhaus – Spirit

The Cure – Plastic passion
John Foxx – Underpass
Poeme Electronique – Echos Fade
Diva Destruction – The Broken Ones

Slow Pulse Boy
Circuit 7 – Video Boys
Die unbekannten – Radio War
She Wants Revenge – Tear you apart
Joy Division – She Lost Control Again

Mr K
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Sisters – Body Electric
Gold Zebra – Drift Away
Tilt! – Merciless

New Dimension – Stuttgart Schwarz
A Blaze Colour – Means To An End
Portishead – Machine Gun
Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me

Slow Pulse Boy
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Christian Death – Romeos Distress
Fliehende Stürme – Das Chaos brütet
Ben Bloodygrave – ich schau in dein Gesicht

Mr K
Crisis – Holocaust
Derniere Volonte – Au travers des lauriers
Nacht Analyse – Hilfeschrei
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

New Order – Ceremony
Agent Side Grinder – This is us
Hoffnung & Psyche – Sie bleibt kalt
Klangstabil – you may start

Slow Pulse Boy
Depeche Mode – Puppets
The Cure – Fire In Cairo
Rome – Hate us and see if we mind
Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet

Mr K
Neubauten – Haus der Lüge
The Exploding Boy – Intervention
She Past Away – Rituel
Crim3s – Still Goin

Frustration – Dying City (Blackmail Mix)
Exedra – Death Disco
Guerre Froide – Demain Berlin
The Organ – Brother

Slow Pulse Boy
Diiv – Doused
Pink Turns Blue – Michelle
Lene Lovich – Birdsong
Lebanon Hanover – Hall of Ice

Mr K
Men Without Hats – Security
Prince – When Doves Cry
Boytronic – Luna Square
David Bowie – Let’s Dance

Billy Idol – White wedding
Sex Beat – Sex beat
Vampire Beach Babes – Tomb mau mau
Der Fluch – Werwolf

Slow Pulse Boy
Das Bierbeben – Dunkle Tage
New Days Delay – Bombe
Dead Or Alive – you spin me round
OMD – Enola gay

Mr K
Fockewulf 190 – Gitano
Björk – Army of me
Mental Measuretech – Turtle Recall III
The Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning Shot

Gemeine Gesteine – War Party
Engelsstaub – Kissed by god
Dead Can Dance – Black sun
Nick Cave – red right hand

Slow Pulse Boy
Gerald McMann – don’t cry little sister
Kate Bush – Running up that hill
XTC – making plans for nigel
Silicon Teens – Sun flight

Mr K
Hate. – Beyond The Waves
Box and the twins – big nothing
A-ha – Hunting high an low
Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy of gold


playlist gloomy sunday – the black easter special – 5.4.2015, römer bremen

X-Mark the Pedwalk – Shock therapy
Agent Side Grinder – Bring it back (feat. D Ivens)
Laibach – 2525
Zager and Evans – In the year 2525
Portishead – Gloomy sunday
Rise and fall of the decade – Cube like people
Death in June – Tick tock
Nick Cave and the bad seeds – Wide lovely eyes
New model army – Horsemen

Slow Pulse Boy:
Editors – Escape the nest
French Films – Latter Days
Stereolap – French Dsico
Indochine – L´aventurier
Frank (Just Frank) – Coeur Hante

Sonic Jesus – Reich
Soko – Love letter
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Stargazer
The Soft Moon – Black

Mueran Humanos – Festival de las luces
Culture Reverse – Our eyes squint sadly
Agent Side Grinder – Into the wild
Carrion – Plug your heart in
2Raumwohnung – Wir trafen uns im Garten

Slow Pulse Boy:
Cosmetics – Soft Skin
Django Django – First light
Trisomie 21 – The last song
Grauzone – Film 2

The Underground Youth – In the dark i see
Varsovie – Etat Civil
Editors – In this Light and on this evening
Berkwerk – Rainy days will tear us apart

Adan and Ilse – Der mussolini (DAF cover)
Björk vs. Cure – A hidden forest
The Prodigy – The day is my enemy
Chrysalide – Question everything

Slow Pulse Boy:
Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
Covenant – Call the ships to port
Neuroticfish – close
Wolfsheim – Künstliche Welten

Suzanne Vega – I never wear white
Erfolg – Brillenmann
The Smiths – sweet and tender hooligan (peel session)
New Days Delay – Stereokatastrophe

Modern English – Gathering dust
Ministry – Lay lady lay
She wants revenge – Red flags and …
Frustration – She’s so tired
Agent Side Grinder – For the young

Slow Pulse Boy:
Grauzone – Träume mit mir
Welle:Erdball – Monoton und Minimal
The Normal – TV OD
Suicide – Ghost Rider
DAF – Alle gegen alle

:Wumpscut: – Dr. Thodt
Sonic Jesus – Underground
Plexiglas – Tanz
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead and Burried

Der Fluch – Werwolf
Haus Arafna – Für immer
Blackhouse – Answers for you
P.A.L. – Das Gelöbnis
Rational Youth – Thunderstruck

Slow Pulse Boy:
Tomas Tulpe – Ich bin ein Grufti
Knorkator – Zeig mir den Weg nach unten
Depeche Mode – Blasphemous rumours
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities in dust
Lene Lovich – Lucky numbers

Boris Dzaneck – Dance
Battery Operated Orchestra – Whish List
Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet
Phillip Boa – Fine art in silver

DIIV – Doused
She Past Away – Rituel
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Joy Division – Atmosphere
Fisherspooner – Emerge

Slow Pulse Boy:
Boytronic – You
And One – Technoman
Skinny Puppy – Assimilate
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk

Die Ärzte – Leichenhalle
Depeche Mode – Nodisco
Nine Circles – The Rose
Ascii Disco – Strassen

Eisenfunk – Pong
Combichrist – This shit will fuck you up
Absolute Body Control – Final Report
Second Decay – Anders sein
MDK – Berlin

Slow Pulse Boy:
Light Asylum – Skull fuct
Die Form – Hurt

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Dusti N’ Guyen Remix)
Lost Travelling Blues Band – Gloomy Sunday
Damia – Sombre Dimanche
Ralf Bendix – Trauriger Sonntag
Zaz – Paris sera toujours Paris

playlist dark entries, 7.3.15

Interpol – All The Rage Back Home
The National – Don’t swallow the cap
The Crookes – Backstreet lovers
The Go-Betweens – was that anything i could do
Nicole Sabounè – Unseen footage from a forthcoming funeral
XTR Human – Miller’s love
Ascetic: – Religion
Repeater – Some girls leave
The Hundred in the Hands – Sleepwalkers
Grimes – Avi
Second Decay – Chronomatic
Informatics – Proximity Switch
Tones On Tail – Performance
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities in dust
The Cult – She sells sanctuary
Killing Joke – Love like blood
Front 242 – Quite Unusual
Das Moon – Black flag
Jimi Tenor – Take me baby
Schwefelgelb – Alle Sterne
Ben Bloodygrave – Ich schau in dein Gesicht
Frustration – I can’t forget you**
Joy Division – Transmission
No More – Suicide Commando
DAF – Als wärs das letzte mal
Tomas Tulpe – Grufti
Welle:Erdball – Starfighter
VNV Nation – Chrome
Rotersand – merging oceans
I-F – Spaceinvaders smoking grass
Wolfsheim – Künstliche Welten
John Foxx – Underpass
Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, my reflection**
She Past Away – Kasvetli kutlama
Eisenfunk – Pong
Spetznaz – Apathy
Liaisons Dangereuseus – Los niños del parque
Depeche Mode – Personal jesus
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk about the weather**
Placebo – Meds
The Organ – Brother
The Body Electric – Dash 1721
OMD – Electricity
Front 242 – Headhunter
Covenant – Dead Stars
Nitzer Ebb – Getting closer
Combichrist – this shit will fuck you up
Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
New Model Army – 51st State
The Cure – Killing an arab
Cauda Pavonis – Love like broken glass
Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods
Editors – The Racing Rats*
Deine Lakaien – Fighting the green
Helium Vola – Omnis Mundi Creatura**
Die Form – Bite of god
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Nash The Slash – Dance after curfue
Grauzone – träume mit mir
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge**
New Days Delay – Bombe
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Arabien Knights*
The Smiths – There’s a light….*
Trisomie 21 – The last song**
Covenant – Call the ships to port
Suicide Commando – See you in hell
She Wants Revenge – Tear you apart*
Joy Division – She’s lost control
Toy Dolls – Nellie the elephant**
Spizz Energi – Where’s Captain Kirk
Depeche Mode – Photografic
Human League – Being boiled
NIN – Closer**
The Kills – no wow**
Linea Aspera – Lamanai
Sisters Of Mercy- Temple of Love**
Billy Idol – White wedding**
PIL – this is not a love song
Anne Clark – sleeper in metropolis
Kraftwerk – Das Modell
Future Islands – Spirit
Ideal – erschießen**
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
Charles De Goal – Exposition*
Men Without Hats – Security
Abnsolute Body Control – Figures**
Fischerspooner – Emerge
ohGr – Suhleap**
Project Pitchfork – The longing
Pixies – Monkey gone to heaven
Bauhaus – Dancing**
Violent Femmes – Gone daddy gone
The Verve – the drugs don’t work**
Desire – under your spell
TV Theme – Bezaubernde Jeannie

* = Ein Song der Band wurde gewünscht
** = exakt dieser Song der Band wurde sich gewünscht